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dimensional wall series







私たちは多くの場合、 言語の間に文字や文法、発音の違いがあることは共有しているが、文章を構成する字間や行間、余白などにも言語の特徴や文化的背景介在することに気づき、そこに含まれるプリミティブな差異を作品から知ることができる。

“Dimensional Wall” series examines dictionaries from around the world, enlarging and printing their cross-sections. The dictionaries used are from the various countries traversed by the artists, and one is able to experience the differences of each language; Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, French and English.

At first, the work seems to observe a dimensional difference in text. While the dictionaries renounce its original function to ‘look up a meaning’, general characteristics of language itself can be sensed instinctively through the impression of forms and rhythms of each language informed by their cross-sections. These cross-sections reveal the cultural background of each country such as the similarity of Japanese and Chinese based on the use of same typesetting (Chinesecharacters and vertical typesetting), the relation between Indonesian and Dutch originated from Colonialism and the non-western specificity of Arabic.


We are all aware of the differences in letters, grammar and pronunciation between different languages. However, the work allows a more primitive difference to come through in the spacing of the letters, page lines and spaces, where the character of a language and cultural background can be perceived.

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